The Art Gallery at Devon Chairmen, 2015. Photograph by Brenda Carpenter.

The Art Gallery at Devon is open during the annual Devon Horse Show and Country Fair. While the Gallery is open for a short time each spring, the committee works year-round to prepare for the show and its First Night opening party. The Gallery is run completely by volunteers.

Since its beginnings in 1999, the Gallery continues to impress patrons, art collectors, and visitors. The juried art show exhibits approximately 500 pieces of art by regional and national artists. Works in media range from oils to watercolor and acrylics to sculpture and focus on a variety of subjects including pastoral, still, equestrian, and animal life. More contemporary subjects such as city scenes of Philadelphia are also represented.

While sharing the beauty and love of art, the Gallery has raised over $250,000 in sales for the benefit of Bryn Mawr Hospital.


Art Gallery Committee

Katherine Barthelmeh
Kathryn Biddle
Helen Corkhill
Jeanne Dechiario
Alexandra S. Floyd
Lori Friel
Marcia Pontius

Joan Garbeil
Karen Garbeil
Anne Hamilton
Lindsay Hill
Wendy McDevitt
Mimi Quillman
Gale Rawson
Wendy Silverwood